Choosing God’s Will

Choosing God’s Will
November 30, 2017 Pastor Bob Barnett

Are your personal desires lined up with God’s will for your life?

Although David was a great king, his selfish desires overpowered his reason. His lust for Bathsheba caused him to commit adultery and have her husband murdered, which resulted in unending grief for his family.

When wondering if what you desire is right or wrong, consider the long term consequences. Is the object of your desire good, consistent with God’s Word, and harmless to others? Do you have to spend time rationalizing (rationally lying) to convince yourself of something being right?

If so, then you really already know what God’s will is. It is now a matter of being obedient to His desires over your own.

Trust Him, and stay in His will!  Ask the Lord for wisdom, and He will give it to you!