Think and Thank!!

Think and Thank!!
November 23, 2017 Pastor Bob Barnett
In Personal Growth

Sir Moses Montefiore, the Hebrew philanthropist, had as the motto of his family, “Think and Thank.” In the old Anglo-Saxon language thankfulness means “thinkfulness.”

Thinking of all God’s goodnesses draws forth gratitude.

In the coming days ask the Lord reveal to you the many reasons to be thankful.

Let God access your mind and heart bringing back fond moments and feelings that are precious and worthy of gratitude. Think on, and be thankful for, the many people who have truly enriched your life and deepened your faith in God and man.

Cherish and savor the moments and etch them upon your memory so that they will not lose their value. Montefiore was right…… thankfulness is connected to thinkfulness.


Love, Pastor Bob Barnett